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2023 Hong Kong Youth-led Mental Health Conference

On May 27, 2023, we hosted Hong Kong's first ever youth-led mental health conference "2023 Hong Kong Youth-led Mental Health Conference". The theme of the conference is “Sharing Our Well-being”, with the mission of “reducing negative stigmas and stereotypes surrounding mental health, empower youth, parents and educators to foster stronger and inclusive support systems for students”. We were honoured to have Mr Danny Harrington, co-founder and Director of the ITS Foundation as our keynote speaker to start off our event.

At the event, participants engaged in insightful panel discussions with members from mental health organizations (Body Banter, Coolminds, Mental Health Foundation, Save the Children, BePriceless, The Hong Konger, The New Normal HK, Helping Our Planet Earth) and youth-led organizations (KELY Support Group, Design Your Life at 25, Light Their Rights, Onemind, Becausementalhealth), participate in interactive workshops hosted by the forementioned organizations and watched youth performances.

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